Euca® Hand Disinfectants (Multiple sizes)

9,20 52,00  Sis. ALV.

Disinfectant for hand disinfection, scented with good-smelling, genuine essential oils. Note! Fragrance options other than eucalyptus are sold only in 150 ml bottles.

Prices by size:
– 150 ml:  9.20
– 350 ml:  11.90
– 500 ml:  15.50
– 4 L:  52.00 €

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Disinfectant for cleaning your hands in situations where it is not possible to wash them with soap. Contains 80% ethanol, skin moisturizing glycerin, and essential oils with a good scent.

There are four alternative sizes:

  • Euca 150 ml spray bottle for your hands
  • 350 ml pump bottle with Euca hand
  • Euca in your hand 500 ml bottle + 50 ml refill bottle
  • Euca handmade 4 L jug

350 ml, 500 ml and 4 L are only for Eucalyptus scented disinfectant.

Other options for 150 ml bottles are:

  • Odorless (no fragrances added)
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lime
  • Grapefruit
  • Orange


Spray lightly on dry hands, rub thoroughly until the alcohol has evaporated.
Cleaning your hands is important to prevent infections. The hand-held hand sanitizer disinfects your hands anywhere, anytime without water.
The effective, light hand sanitizer is also suitable for sensitive skin and, when fragrance-free, also for those who are allergic to perfumes and hypersensitive to fragrances.

Avoid contact with eyes, broken skin and mucous membranes. Highly flammable liquid and vapor. Smoking and open flames are prohibited when using hand sanitizer.

Ethanol 80%, glycerol, essential oils

Manufacturer: Green Bouquet Oy Kotka

Additional information

Koko / Size

150 ml, 350 ml, 500 ml, 4 L

Tuoksu / Scent

Odorless, Eucalyptus, Lime, Grapefruit, Orange


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