Euca® detergent 4 L jug

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Ecological Euca washing concentrate – one detergent, many uses and applications; laundry, cleaning, counters, sauna washing, etc.

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Euca-detergent concentrate

The refreshing washing power of Euca detergent is based on the abundant amount of essential eucalyptus oil it contains. With Euca you clean and refresh your whole home, wash your laundry and windows. As a bonus, it provides a wonderfully fresh scent.

Euca does not contain preservatives, anti-mold agents, phosphate, zeolite or dyes. As a bonus,  it provides a wonderfully fresh scent of eucalyptus.

Use for laundry and stain removal

Sweaty workout clothes, smelly sneakers, technical outdoor clothing – everything is refreshed and cleaned with Euca and at the same time a stale washing machine is refreshed! Essential eucalyptus is a volatile oil, so there are no detergent residues left and dry laundry only smells fresh.

For washing laundry – 30 ml for machine laundry

Euca refreshes and brightens the colors of clothes. Use at temperatures according to the washing instructions. Sweaty workout clothes should be soaked in cold water with Euca. Soak overnight and wash normally with Euca in the machine.
Euca also cleans and refreshes dog / cat blankets and toys. In carpet laundry (rags and cotton rugs), Euca is excellent; rinses easily, leaves a fresh scent and brightens colors. The bad smell from the washing machine comes from washing your laundry in Euca!

For stain removal

Ballpoint pen, berry stains, milk coffee, rust, etc. Pour Euca undiluted on top of the stain – leave on for a couple of hours and soak and machine wash. Always check first that the fabric can withstand water washing.

The Euca washing concentrate also refreshes the bad-smelling washing machine. Put 2 caps of Euca in a normal wash at 60 degrees – a couple of washes are usually enough to freshen up the washing machine. The bad smell of a washing machine can be due to many reasons, often it is the zeolite contained in the detergent that accumulates in the structures of the machine. Euca washing concentrate does not contain zeolite or phosphates.

For cleaning the entire home – one cap to bucket of water

With Euca, you can wash all water-resistant surfaces in your home. Euca does not contain soap, so it can also be used to wash laminate floors. Euca also cleans and brightens the windows. Add a very small amount to a bucket of water and wash the windows normally – no rinsing is needed.
Put 0.5 cl Euca in an empty spray bottle and add water = fresh cleaning spray!

Euca PH is neutral.
Neutrals – the substance is considered neutral if the pH is between 6-8. Materials like this are safe to use and suitable for most waterproof / adhesive surfaces.

All Euca series products are suitable for home, cottage, boat and trailer - they are domestically produced and safe for the environment due to their biodegradability.

Ingredients: Aqua, Ethanol 5-15%, essential eucalyptus oil (Eucalyptus Globulus), biodegradable surfactants.

Warning! Not for human consumption. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

Manufactured by Green Bouquet Oy, Kotka


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